Monday, September 1, 2014

Inspector Blog?!

What kind of inspector blog is this supposed to be?, I have been asked. You don’t have the typical things common to other inspector sites and blogs.

If a person wants information on your heater longevity or roofing material, etc., there are many other sources for that type of information.  

I do enjoy inspecting and all it involves. But inspecting is a means to an end. It as my occupation is not the great ambition; it is temporal and shall end. There are things much more lasting than this or any occupation. 

A good occupation to me is something that one enjoys doing that pays the bills so that more enduring aspects of reality can be recognized to exist, and for this recognition to develop. To live. To think. To walk quietly heart in hand with the One. To philosophize. To marvel at personal insignificance in the scapes of human and divine history, of reality. To commune with the one, only God in silence, ~without sight while leaning on my staff in the desert.

Ach the superficial social settings where the second question out of a person’s mouth is, “what do you do?” What do I do? Really do? This: think about things present, past, and what may be.

The CR-EATONS Among Us

You who have been in an occupation for some time, in the early days of your occupation or in anything else of which you are a specialist or specially knowledgeable, did anyone ever help you and give you honest, helpful assessment? 
I remember a graduate student mathematics instructor who assisted in this way when we freshmen were overwhelmed with the complexities of learning calculus. Empathetic. Young yet wise. In stark contrast to an older, much more experienced senior mathematics instructor who treated students as distractions and inconveniences. In these two persons I learned that wisdom, occupational competence, and basic human courtesy are not at all proportional with age.

We often associate age with wisdom. And perhaps this is how it should be in the normal course of things. But how frequent the instances of age being inversely proportional with what wisdom can teach. Busyness. Dismissiveness. Greed. Bitterness. Anger. Selfishness. Regarding other persons as little more than commodities to advance the self.

The Cretans, the Cretans, they are among us. But oh, alas! – they are us. What gods, the gods of these Cretans? Appetite. Image. Occupational advancement. The pocketbook. And finally, the great Zeus of all the lesser gods -- the Supreme: the sacrosanct bank account, in Which we trust. The delusional key to my successful future.
Fellow human, I will fight you. I will lie to you. I will step on you. Or, I may support and and even seem to love you. 
I will do whatever needed to glorify and advance This My Precious god.