Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Home Maintenance, Cost, Sui-Energos

Most inspectors claim that every structure has issues that need to remedied. Even new(er) structures. And if there were a perfect structure, it would not remain so for long.

Since every individual is unique in terms of knowledge, desire to save money, abilities, time that is available, an attitude of rolling up his/her sleeves and figuring out and then fixing something themselves, each person will approach different negative issues in their structure with different attitudes. From hopelessness. Desire to escape. Anger. No time (!). Eagerness to get started, etc.

[[By the way, sui is the old Latin reflexive pronoun for "self." Sui-cide = self caedo, or self-slaying, etc.
Energos is an ancient Greek word for work or power. Energos, to the modern energy. . .)
So sui-energos = self-effort or self-energy!]]

In the 1980s, I knew nothing about anything home related. But then I needed to put in a 4X4 post to bolster an awning over a deck. Drilling concrete? Huh!? Is this even possible? Setting a mount. Leveling. . . Then it was putting on a roof for a friend. And slowly the knowledge and confidence grew. . . (Drywall application is still a bane -- not very good at this!) 

Now, what to do in spare time for leisure and even recreation? Fix things. Drill concrete! Put up siding. Whatever! What is not known -- to figure out. Find someone who knows and ask. You Tube videos. Etc. The desire to save money has always at the bottom driven this mindset. But so has an attitude that plumbing or electrical or whatever can't be rocket science. And they aren't! 

So here is a mathematical formula for those so inclined. . .

x= desire to save money
y= an attitude of not taking no for an answer
z= a bit of an adventurous mindset
z'= a love of seeing projects completed that are done well (most of the time!), with the satisfaction of sui-energos (doing them myself). 
z''= a love of tools to help do a/the job correctly

(2x + y z + z')z" = learning a whole lot, exponentially increasing the value of a property, and having FUN in the process! And this can be a mathematical formula FOR YOU TOO!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Matrix

What is it with people pathologically and incessantly needing to toot their own horns? To pat themselves on the back? To show others how good, great, how other they are over and above other persons?

Jack has an associate’s degree at a Community College. He took a job in this field and has worked in it for many years. Over the years, Jack has purchased subscriptions in organizations that offer continuing education and certifications and diplomas in various aspects pertaining to his field. Most of these certifications and diplomas are dependent on “time spent” in various classroom or on-line course environments. Do the time, get the certification. Some credentials have had test standards that needed a minimum passing measurable score; most did not. Jack is the type of person who wears himself on his sleeve for all to see, marvel, and behold. When he communicates, he puts many unknown abbreviations after his name. When teaching and speaking, he includes a full list of qualifications which has now become over a full page long and which he laboriously enumerates to introduce himself. He frequently reminds people of his abilities and qualifications, just in case they may need to be reminded. When they do not need to be reminded. See Jack run. See Jack throw.

In contrast to Jack’s occupational steadiness, Janine has had a wildly varied background. An poor-average student in grammar school, her instructor’s put her in lower level courses. They mistook her “ping pong ball in a metal box” inattentiveness for inability. She graduated from high school at an eighth to ninth grade level in most subjects. College for Janine?! Ha and Ha! She moved in several false start directions, likely due to her distractedness and being easily bored with pursuits that were for her easily boreable. Like Jack, Janine was mouthy and quick to point out her own attributes in her earlier years. But over time, this changed to tight lipped silence about herself. She became unvoiced, observant. Janine eventually did migrate back to educational pursuits, finishing four year degrees in pure science, another in education, and then graduate degrees in other far-differing subjects. Janine the special education student quietly became Dr. Janine in some obscure field. But the high academic life never fit. Felt like size six ungies on a size twenty waist. She turned from that direction as quickly as from so many other directions and distractions of the past.
Janine moved to Minneapolis because that was where her heart lay. She could only find work in the service industry. This was ok with her. Eventually through pure chance Janine became a high rise window cleaner. Who would, could have imagined? This occupation was good for Janine – what she loved doing; what made her spirit soar. She would be up many stories on high rise office buildings, watching people as she cleaned her windows. Hanging over open space many stories from the concrete. Thinking. Watching. Working. The wildness; height, wind, weather, the intense unreality; the Godness of the whole scene and how it fit her uniquely. Some, many of the people in the glass interiors of her buildings are the accomplished of Minneapolis' business sector. If noticed at all, they glance at her before moving on to their tasks at hand. With no care of who is washing the windows on the far side. On the one side, Jack the Important. On the other, Janine the nobody. One great. The other, chaff. 

Pretence accomplishes nothing. Few are deceived by a mask that is easily drawn over the face. Seneca, AD 64.