Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I did not grow up with a facebook or a phone glued to my face or ears. When communicating with people, I was taught to put down whatever occupied attention, look a person in the eyes, and speak. Back in the era of corded phones, it was difficult to impossible to be half listening to someone while doing something else if only because the phone was mounted on that wall, or the cord was not long enough.

More importantly, I learned that on time means five minutes early and that when I say I will do something that it shall be done in a timely and thorough manner. If you think that I am uppity in this conviction and that not doing these things in any manner is a better way, then YOU ARE WRONG and that is that! Go your way. I'll go mine. Amen, and pass the potato salad.  

The familiar Godfather statement that, "it's not personal; it's just business" is false. Everything is personal. I believe that to be late for an appointment or to not communicate when communicated with is a sign of disrespect. As a businessman but even more so as a person, I do not think I am so important as to fill my life with appointments or schedules or making money or this'es or thats in lieu of giving quality attention, respect, and personal service to whomever I am dealing with at the moment. High or low (HA!), monied or not. Whether or not you are going to make me money or promote my business, magnify my wonderful name, or the like. 

Now, occasionally I deal with persons in a professional context whom are slovenly in their transactions with others. Late. Overly concerned with their own liability. Good old boy familiar. Unwilling to pay what is owed. Rude. Focused on making money and steamrollering or blowing off whomever gets in the way. 
   Most of the time, the transaction moves along and things resolve themselves and each party goes their way. For repeat interactions, thankfully word gets around and realtors and customers who are this way can choose another service provider. 

What you shall get with DPI. On time. Thorough inspecting and reporting. Overly thorough, intended to protect your sight unto the massive financial commitment that you are preparing to lay out for a property. Punctual reports. Respectful, professional communication. Maybe a little humor in the report about vegetable crops growing out of your gutters or rats and the overzealous wild-eyed pursuit of their destruction. But do not even think for a moment that this humor is at the expense of caring about protecting your financial outlay for the property at hand. . .