Monday, November 9, 2015

Why to Work?

Develop a secure network of realtors and clients, and prepare to become exceedingly, even exceptionally wealthy as a Home Inspector. 

Paraphrased from N. G., How to Run a Successful Home Inspection Business (2015 ed.; Boulder CO: IACHI, 2009).

In contrast, the following quote recently heard on a 'world news' broadcast from several weeks ago: "she works to live rather than living to work."  

How about instead of the primary motive for working being to get exceptionally wealthy, the primary motives rather being to work well at a job and hence to seek to protect the client's financial interest before protecting one's own behind or fattening the avaricious, never sufficient-to-be-filled pocketbook? 

Meanwhile; the rows and rows and rows of persons standing in lines at their fave convenience store hoping for the 1.5 billion in the recent lottery. Every night the obligatory interviews of the hopeless hoping, of any age -- even those standing on and over the grave's precipice -- grinning and clutching their tickets, "it's gonna be me! I jes' know i's gonna be me this time. . .”Then, post hoc, the similarly obligatory interviews with the cursed who express their disbelief at being so lucky and laying out how many homes they will buy and what cars and what possessions, charities, friends & family, etc. etc.