Friday, June 17, 2016

Holmes Weighs In

Continuing with the intent of the last post, the sharp-tongued M. Holmes says, "There [is] way too much cooperation -- even dependence -- between home inspectors and real estate agents.  . . . The most common source for a home inspector referral is the real estate agent. . . [however]; even the most honest agents cannot avoid conflict of interest in this particular area. Why not? A real estate agent wants to sell houses. But sometimes an inspector will scare off the buyers if he tells them the whole truth about a house. [This truth] may [thus] not make an agent happy. An inspector wants business. [T]o keep the referrals coming from his prime source - the real estate agent - he might not be as thorough as he should be every time he inspects a house. The net result for the buyer is not having the whole story before signing a purchase offer. 

. . . 

Keep one thing in mind. . . : you are the client. . . The real estate agent is not the client. . . If the inspector you hire has a history of working with a particular agent, you [are] walking into a situation of divided loyalties." You need to be the one to make the decision of which inspector to use. Make sure you ask for a list of at least three inspectors. You do the leg work to decide which inspector you wish to use. M. Holmes, The Holmes Inspection: The Essential Guide for Every Homeowner, Buyer, and Seller (NY: Time Home Entertainment, 2012), 12. 

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