Thursday, April 27, 2017

Reflections on the Occupation

People who become home inspectors seem to be the person who knows, who is in controlThis was demonstrated when listening to a budding inspector respond to a client’s queries. The dam broke; the words poured forth.  

How people handle knowledge is an interesting study. Some people keep their knowledge to themselves and judiciously speak. Perhaps these are the minority. People who know things usually seem to want to let others know how much that they do. Perhaps more than they know. Like the fellow on Wheel of Fortune the other evening who had to let everybody know that he could speak seven languages fluently, and several more languages conversationally. Or a past professor who lorded his knowledge over others like a stick, beating them, making them look stupid and small. Or the small-in-stature boss that I had for a period who did the same with those under his finger, seeming to gloat in making others look ignorant.

I wish to learn ravenously, but to be wise about what to speak. How. When. And to uplift others in the process. To genuinely listen to others when they speak and then to think about what they said. Not to be ready to answer in rebuttal or quick succession. To be able to say when I do not know something and not try to misrepresent. 

The growth pains continue. 

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